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Guide to safe driving


Safe Driving Tips

by DrivingforLife.com

A lot of accidents are caused because someone is distracted or is driving in an unfamiliar area.  Here are some every day safe driving tips that can help you avoid your next accident.

1. Don't trust your mirrors.  Car mirrors, in particular side view mirrors, are great for keeping tabs on your surroundings.  But they are also misleading.  Recall that your side mirrors probably say "objects in mirror are closer than they appear".  There's a reason that's written in large type on your mirrors!  One problem with side mirrors is that they don't show cars in your blind spot.  Cars in your blind spot are right next to you but back about half a car length.  If you change lanes using only your mirror you are likely to hit someone.  That's why you should always turn your head and look to your side before changing lanes or turning. 

2. Watch for pedestrians.  Especially in city driving, take a close look for pedestrians when turning right on red.  Pedestrians usually have the right of way and might not realize you are about to pull out into traffic.

3. Use a cell phone headset.  It's distracting enough talking on your cell phone with a headset.  Not using a headset means you're distracted and only have one hand on the wheel.  This causes a number of traffic accidents.  In some states talking on a cell phone without a headset is even illegal.

4. Watch for warning signs.  People often ignore traffic signs like "falling rock" and "deer crossing".  But those signs are present for a reason.  If you've ever been hit be a falling rock or swerved out of the way of a deer, you realize how important this is.