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Online Texas Defensive Driving Courses

by DrivingforLife.com

We all know the feeling.  You're driving along when you see a police car's lights start to flash.  "Surely, he isn't coming over me", you think.  But you pull over and, alas, the cop pulls in behind you.  Busted.  Going 55 in a 40.  Here's your traffic ticket.

In Texas, drivers are allowed to have most speeding tickets dismissed by taking a defensive driving course (up to one ticket dimissal per year).  In the past this has been a pain.  Defensive driving course are usually boring and require you to go to a school for 6 hours on your weekend.  You sit in class, don't learn much about safe driving, watch some bad videos, and sit next to someone who hasn't taken a shower in days.  To combat this, some schools now offer comedy defensive driving.  But don't believe the title, these aren't all that enjoyable. 

That's why you should look into taking your defensive driving course online!  You can take your driver safety course from the comfort of your own home and at times that are convenient for you.  You can do it at midnight, noon, or anywhere in between.  Better yet, online defensive driving does not require you to do all 6 hours of the safety course in one sitting.  You can do an hour today, a few tomorrow, and finish over the weekend.  Most online defensive driving courses let you logoff and start back wherever you were.

My preferred driver safety course is iDriveSafely.com.  Some of the vidoes and diagrams you view taking the course are somewhat bland, but overall it's an extremely easy and flexible online traffic safety course.  Another popular service is DefensiveDriving.com. 

Online defensive driving courses have safety measures built in to make sure you don't have someone else take the course for you.  For example, you might get a pop up box on your computer that asks for your date of birth or drivers license number and you only have 60 seconds to input it.  If you don't input it in time the system locks you out and you have to call a help desk to verify. 

Online driver safety courses will typically cost you about the same or less than traditional Texas defensive driving courses in the classroom.